A beautiful smile in months not years

Introducing Brava, a revolutionary technology that uses independent movement to straighten teeth.

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Not Braces. Not Aligners. Independent Movers™.

Brava is placed behind the teeth, unseen, and works swiftly and efficiently, moving each tooth independently to create your individualized smile. Awesome results without the hassle of braces or aligners—in a fraction of the time. A beautiful way to get straight teeth.

What people are saying

“All my friends wearing clear aligners are bummed they didn’t know about this.”

Elizabeth S.

“Other orthodontists told me it would take 1.5 years, but with this, I was done in 3 months!”

Jayna S.

“No one can see it. I’m not embarrassed in pictures or videos.”

Liz N.

“I did not want to walk around with traditional braces, knowing there’s a treatment out there that’s hidden and still effective.”

Rashmi N.


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